Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lots of water under the bridge since last I wrote

Well here I am many months from my last posting and things have changed again- My oldest grandchild will graduate from high school in May with honors. A+ student and excepted to college for nursing. Just got her first car yesterday (April 16) and is on her way in life. Will go to state this next week in sing competion. What a joy she is in my life. My mother passed on Dec. 15th 2012 and we will bury her along side dad at Jefferson Barracks Memorial Gardens in St.Louis this May. Went quilt camp for the first time and made this tote bag for an iron. It was great fun and learned so much from the ladies there. What a great group of women who shared their knoweledge of quilting and their material. My Schnauzer (Zeke) passed away in April of 2011 and then I got Baxter Barrett the day Zeke was buried in the flower bed. What I was hoping for as a small dog but Baxter has turned into a 25 pounder

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dad,s grave site at Grant & Graves

This is the burial for dad and this is where mother will be beside him.

Missouri Veterens Salute to a departing Soldier

As dads body was removed from the veterens home in St.Louis, the veterens at the home stood at attention and saluted him as his body passed.  The veterens at the home removed the flag and folded it in front of us and sounded bells as he was removed from the building.  How wonderful that he received this honor.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My father's passing - Othel Bean

The past 16 days has been extremely painful and on the other hand rejoicing.
Dad passed away on April 7th at 3PM at the Missouri Veteren's Home in St.Louis, Mo. He was 90 on January 23, 2011- he suffered a heartache that day. The later part of March fell and broke hip in 4 places. After surgery, he suffered another heartache/stroke and never recovered. The rejoicing part is that he was a faithful Christian. Served the Lord all his life and blieved in Truth. At his parting his face turned into a large smile as the Spirit left him. He no longer suffers from Alzheimers but has a new body. He was buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St.Louis.